30 Days Of Torchwood Day 27

Favorite Torchwood Fan-Fiction

This list includes more than one favorite and I'll include journal and/or entry links for anyone interested in reading...

Vizzini's Rule, To The Pain, and The Sea After a Storm by buttononthetop


The Dragon-Verse by milady_dragon


What is Essential is Invisible to the Eye by prothrombintime and riftintime

And I also heartily recommend the following authors. Their Torchwood fic is among my all-time favorites:



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Title: Secret
Author: nin_nin15
Length: One-shot
Pairings: Yama
Rating: G
Genre: fluff, crack-ish
Summary: Ohno Satoshi has a secret. It’s a sketchbook, but it’s not just a simple sketchbook. It’s full of portraits of someone he holds dearly.
Notes: Some characters can be out of character. I’m sorry about that. >.< Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :3

If Ohno was not lying around doing absolutely nothing, one would find him doodling away in his sketchbook. Nobody knows what’s inside that sketchbook and it seems like Ohno does not want anyone to know what’s inside it either.

Just ask Nino. He had tried multiple times. From the side, from the back, using a mirror, name it and Nino had probably done it. It always ends the same, Ohno catching him midway and Nino getting smacked on the head.

               “Sho-chan, we have to see what’s inside that sketchbook.” Nino whined as they were waiting for their lunch.
                “I know! Let’s get Oh-chan drunk!”
                “Aibasshi, that’s a great idea!”
                “Guys, it’s Ohno-san’s property, we shouldn’t do that.”
                “But aren’t you curious Sho-chan?”
Sho blushed as he tried to pick up his tea successfully, only for it to spill all over their table.
                “You are curious!” Nino said with a triumphant smile.
                “Even if I’m curious I won’t allow you to do that. It’s a breach of privacy.”
                “Stop being such a square, Sho-chan.”

Aiba smiled at the man.
Nino had that look on his face.
And on that exact moment, Sho knew he fucked up.

Sho found himself standing in the dressing room. He was too nervous to even sit on the numerous chairs in there. He found himself dashing towards the door when it suddenly opens and makes Sho jump up in surprise.
                “Aren’t you done already Sho-san?” Jun asked as he packed up his things.
                “I have some things to discuss with Ohno-san.”
                “Is it about the sketchbook?”
                “How did you know?”
                “Nino told me. Don’t act surprised, I’m bound to know sooner or later.”
As per orders of Jun, Sho didn’t show any emotions on the outside, but inside he was screaming hysterically.
                “Good luck and see you later.”
                “Thanks, I’ll be needing a whole bag of that.” Sho says under his breath.
As soon as Jun closed the door to the dressing room, Sho starts searching for the mysterious sketchbook Nino wanted to see so badly.
                “Don’t forget to take pictures!”
Sho cringed at the thought.
                “Stupid Nino and his curiousity.”
After some more rummaging, he hit the gold mine. He pulled it out with extreme care, like it’s glass that can be broken by a gentle breeze.
Sho stares at the sketchbook for a good chunk of time. He’s debating whether he should open it, tell Nino he couldn’t find it or that Ohno brought it with him during the interview, but it’s Nino. He’s going to sense if Sho was lying or not and he knows Nino will make him pay for lying. Lying is not even a choice for Sho, he’s not really the best liar out there.
Sho finally gathers his courage and swallows his fear of getting caught. He opens it slightly, like a new book he didn’t want to damage. He catches a glimpse of a face, but he’s not really sure who it was. He opens it a bit wider the next time and it was an understatement to say that he was surprised with what he saw. He flips the pages and found more portraits.
                “Sho-kun, you’re still here?”
Sho almost drops the sketchbook on the floor.
                “Satoshi-kun, can you just stay there? Like, don’t move.”
He refuses to face Ohno, not like that, not while holding his precious sketchbook.
                “Sho-kun, are you okay?”
Sho nods nervously.
                “Is that my sketchbook?”
                “Uhm, you see – “
                “You’ve seen it then?”
He nods again.
                “I won’t get mad as long as it’s you.”
                “Are you sure?”
Sho finally faces Ohno.
                “Satoshi-kun, I’m sorry.”
Ohno walks towards Sho. He backs up a bit, scared for his life. Ohno stops inches away from Sho, cornering him on the sofa. Sho’s knees buckles and he falls on the sofa.
                “Don’t be.”
                “But I should – “
Ohno captures Sho’s lips in a kiss.
Sho forgets to breathe.
                “I love you, Sho-kun.”

Time stops for Sho.

Nino walks towards Sho, who was casually reading the morning news, like nothing life changing happened last night.   
                “Ne, Sho-chan, what’s in the sketchbook?”
                “It’s a secret.”
Sho casts a glance to Ohno’s direction. Nino looks at Ohno hopefully. Maybe if he asked properly, he would show the contents.
                “Ohno-san, what’s in the sketchbook?”
                “It’s our secret.” Ohno whispers into Nino’s ear.
                “Ohno-san, that’s unfair! How come Sho-chan knows and I don’t?!”
Sho laughed as Nino stomped and sulked his way towards Aiba. Ohno settled on the spot Nino vacated beside Sho.
                “Aibasshi~ Sho-chan and riida are being mean!”
                “There, there.”
Aiba smiled as he pats Nino’s hair. It made Sho laugh even harder.
                “You owe me dinner!”
                “Sure, I’ll treat you.”
Jun enters the room and Nino’s head perks up.
                “J! Let’s go eat something!”
Nino jumps up from his spot on the sofa.
                “But I just ate~”
It was Jun’s turn to whine.
                “Then do you want to be stuck with those two old men?”
Nino points an accusing finger at the pair. Jun turns his attention to the aforementioned pair.
                “I guess it worked out then, Sho-san, Ohno-san?”
Both of the men smiled.
                “J! If you don’t want anything to happen to your precious Aiba-san, you better get your ass here this instant!”
                “There’s my call. I guess I’ll be going then.”
The two were left in a comfortable silence.
                “Satoshi-kun, why me though?”
                “Do you really want to hear the reasons?”
                “is it gonna be long?”
                “It will take me three whole days, no breaks, to write it all.”
Sho blushes at the thought.
                “I knew it, you’re very adorable.”

Ohno pecks Sho on the cheek.
Sho whole face turns into a whole new shade of red.

Sho falls asleep in the dressing room. It’s been a long day for all of them. Ohno covers him with his jacket and places a kiss on Sho’s hair.

               “I guess I do really love you.”

Sho wakes up to the sound of a pencil delicately pressing on a paper.
                “Won’t you get tired of me?”
Ohno looks up to meet Sho’s gaze.
                “I won’t.”


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Fanfiction: Nagito Komaeda Makes Everyone Uncomfortable and Possibly Sleeps With Them All (SDR2)

About half of the scenes in this have been posted to this journal before, but the other half are brand new! I thought I'd gather together all my old Project Komaeda scenes and fill in the gaps so I could post them to AO3. Komaeda's the worst and I love him.

I was going to say 'this is the worst fic title I've ever had' and then remembered that I named my Pokémon/Merlin crossover 'Gotta Camelotch Them All'.

Title: Nagito Komaeda Makes Everyone Uncomfortable and Possibly Sleeps With Them All
Fandom: Super Dangan Ronpa 2
Rating: R
Pairing: Komaeda/everyone
Wordcount: 6,300
Summary: Komaeda gets very close to a lot of people on the island. Hinata has to see more of it than he'd like.

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When I’m With You (I Have Fun)

Title: When I'm with You (I Have Fun)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Length: 57k
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life
Warning: Heavy social drinking, brief mentions of hazing, mentions of homophobia.
Summary: After a decade away, Baekhyun returns to his hometown to work in his family's kimbap shop. In walks Park Chanyeol, a familiar face from his past who reminds him that maybe small town life isn't so horrible after all.

[AO3] [AFF]

I don't want to break up the chapters for LJ posting. So, this is a filler/link/comment post for those without AFF or AO3.


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The Elm of False Dreams

Possibly not my most successful/popular spn_summergen fill, but I did enjoy writing it!

Title: The Elm of False Dreams
Recipient: kalliel
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~5000
Warnings: Use of the F word. There might be a touch of gencest in here because the boys might be older, but they are still stupidly co-dependent.
Author's Notes: To Kalliel: I’ve tried to cover a few of your likes, and merged a couple of your prompts – you asked for anything about bees, and for some wet Winchester hazard – so I hope this fits the bill! Thank you to my lovely beta

ameliacareful for picking out my inconsistencies and making this offering so much better!

The headings are some of the different parts of the Underworld taken from Greek mythology, as is the title.

Summary: Dean and Sam are semi retired from hunting. Dean grows stuff, Sam keeps bees. It’s a story of domestic bliss until suddenly it isn’t.
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Recent fics

A couple of different ficathons/fic exchanges had author reveals recently, so here are two more recent Agent Carter fics by me.

First of all, I wrote this one for a ficathon that just calls itself The Agent Carter Ficathon, for the round 2 prompt, "Reunited." And also for my h/c bingo square "family":

Coming in from the Cold (Peggy/Daniel + Jack, 5000 wds)
It's Christmas 1955, and Peggy and Daniel get an unexpected visitor.

I started writing a different fic for this (an action-type one) but desisted when I realized it was going to be much longer than I could write before the deadline. So this one is really a sort of fluffy prequel to the other, unwritten one that takes place a couple of years later.

And then there's my fic for avengersfest:

Mirror, Sword and Shield (Jack/Daniel, teen-rated, 14K words)
After his shooting, struggling physically and emotionally, Jack moves in with Daniel to recover.

This was written for the same person I wrote "Tin Soldiers" for (it's a small fandom, okay XD). It's a slow-burn getting-together fic, rather hurt/comforty as you might expect from the description. Various other characters show up as well.

This entry is also posted at http://sholio.dreamwidth.org/1102928.html with comment count unavailable comments.


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Three Divorces! Three Divorces!

I just checked my e-mail drafts and found this in an otherwise empty missive, with no subject and no recipient. I don't know why I wrote this.

Admittedly, Ross didn't have a spotless track record with marriages, but he felt pretty good about this fourth one. He'd figured out the one common factor in all his failed relationships, and this one was going to work out. Probably.

'Hey, man,' Chandler said quietly to him at the reception, 'I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I think your spouse is gay.'

Ross stared at him for a long moment. 'Please tell me you didn't marry me just so you could make that joke.'

'Sorry,' Chandler said. 'I actually have the divorce papers with me.'

In other old-fandom news, I'm rewatching House! It's been so long. I really want Chase, Cameron and Foreman to have a weird threesome where they spend the entire time complaining about their boss.

In a way, this rewatch is a bit embarrassing. I usually like to read my old entries on things I'm rewatching or replaying, so I can see what I thought of it the first time around and how my perception has changed. But most of my entries on House are from about ten years ago, when all my entries were very breathless and fangirly and overemphasised EVERYTHING.

I'm still a breathless fangirl, of course, but I have at least cut down slightly on the italics and allcaps.

It seems I've never entirely let go of my Cameron/Foreman 'ship from all those years ago. There's an episode where Dr Hamilton (the doctor Foreman previously worked under) offers Foreman a partnership. Hamilton asks whether Foreman is seeing anyone, and Foreman replies, 'Kinda-sorta,' and Hamilton asks whether she'd be willing to travel if Foreman took a new job. And the next scene was Foreman telling Chase and Cameron about the job offer, and I really wanted him to take Cameron aside and ask if she'd come with him. I was very sad when I realised his 'kinda-sorta' was actually referring to the girlfriend I'd forgotten he had.

Even though Cameron and Chase are my favourite characters in the show, I always slightly resented the canonical Cameron/Chase for not being Cameron/Foreman.

My favourite moments in House are the ones where House's underlings form very unprofessional emotional attachments with the patient of the week. Particularly when it's Chase or Foreman; I love Cameron, but she forms intense emotional attachments with people who are suffering very easily, so it stands out more when it's one of the boys. DON'T COMFORT A DYING WOMAN BY PRETENDING TO BE HER DEAD HUSBAND, FOREMAN. I mean, do, because it's interesting, but you really shouldn't.

I keep remembering how people really hated Cameron back in the day. She's such a sweetheart! And not just a sweetheart, but an interestingly screwed-up one!

I wonder how House fandom would be different if it were around today. Cameron and Foreman (but, alas, probably not Cameron/Foreman) would be more popular, I think, and House himself less so. On the downside, I fear there would be enormous, tedious arguments about whether it's morally wrong to 'ship House with any of his underlings.


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‘She dreams in colour; she dreams in red’

Title: She dreams in colour; she dreams in red
Pairing: Lisa/Dean, Amelia/Sam
Author: Toratio
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~ 800
Summary: Living with the Winchesters. Inspired by Pearl Jam's 'Betterman'
Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural.
Warning: angst, canon character death

So, I went and had lunch (I'm at Uni), and they were playing Pearl Jam clips on TV, and 'Betterman' came on, and I was kind of inspired. So this is a quick fic I wrote instead of doing transcription work on my thesis. It's kind of sad. Set between seasons 5-6 and between seasons 7-8.

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Drabble requests?

I don't know, I just feel like writing. My last advent calendar thing was a disaster because I got super busy out of nowhere, but I figure I should fill those requests out as well. :x

Obviously I like TOKIO and V6 and SMAP best, but I'll be willing to write Arashi and Kanjani8 fanfiction as well for anyone on my list who's into that. :D I'll do all ratings from G to NC-17, so unless you specify certain prompts/ratings then you'll just have to be surprised with what I come up with.

My only no's are Ohmiya, Okada/Ken, and Taichi/Tomoya! Besides that, please feel free to request things and I'll be writing them over the next few weeks/months.

Thanks! ♥


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“Coup de Foudre” 136


By Gaedhal

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